Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The (Upcoming) Death of Starbucks

So, I read a really great article about Starbucks recently. You can check it here.

Here is the basic premise: Starbucks is getting too focused on side issues and not staying committed to it's core! Starbucks is NOT all about making instant coffee packets, but about selling coffee @ retail stores. The result of this loss of focus has led St. Arbucks to cutting thousands of stores and jobs.

There is a danger that the church can too easily fall into this trap too. We lose sight of our core focus, our main mission. It is not to boycott secular organizations for being secular organizations. It is not to be in the tank for a political party. It is not to make "Perfect-Attendance" Christians comfortable. It is ALL ABOUT making Jesus famous through making disciples. When the church loses its focus, it loses everything. Be the mission.

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