Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Info that is Stretching Me

Here is a little update on some books/ebooks and articles/blogs and podcasts and Bibles that are currently stretching my wee little brain:


"Wild Goose Chase" by Mark Batterson
"Vintage Jesus" by Mark Driscoll
"Choosing to Cheat" by Andy Stanley


"Brink: A Social Media Guide From the Edge" by Todd Defren (free download)


"Why You Lose Friends" by Ben Arment (more of a quote than an article)
"Leading with Love" by Ben Arment
"Outcomes of Execution?" by Tony Morgan
Craig Groeschel has been writing articles THIS WEEK on the Next Generation of Leaders (here is the LINK to the second, probably more by now)
"Authenticity" by Seth Godin
Also, "Sprint" by Seth Godin
"We're Not All That" by Carlos Whittaker
"10 Reasons Why Web Ministry Applications and Initiatives Fail" by John @ Church Crunch
(Just for fun) "Hard Drive Disposal with Extreme Prejudice" by Lifehacker
"Determined to Disciple" by Mark Batterson
By the way, I have recently begun following Wall Street Journal's "The Wallet" blog for money-saving tips. Good Stuff.


Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast
Mark Driscoll's Sermon Series "Trial" (a series through 1 Peter)
Dilbert's Animated Cartoon Podcast (so fun!!)
Dick Staub's "Kindlings Muse" (a discussion of culture, Christ, and some philosophy)


I have been using an online Bible for my personal reading/worship called YouVersion. What I love about this is that there is a "Community" section built into the reader that you can post your thoughts/questions and read others'. Also, they have a TON of translations/paraphrases. My username is "preacherbilly" if you are interested in reading some of my notes on there.

Hope this gives you a few things to check out and read, and let you know a little bit more about what I am reading/thinking about!

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