Monday, February 16, 2009

"Let's Talk!"

A few weeks ago, God really impressed a huge truth I sometimes tend to forget. Of course, He taught me through my children and His word. Here's what happened:

In my morning reading, I read from Psalm 50:3, "Our God comes and will not be silent..." I knew this was significant, but not sure what God was teaching me.

Later that day, I was prompted to think about an remember two significant events in my life. The first was on April 23, 1995. That was the day that I heard loud and clear God's call to give my life to Jesus. The other happened in the summer of 1998, at Delmarva Family Camp. It was there that I heard loud and clear God's call to give my new life in Christ completely in ministry. I spent some time that day remember the unlikely men who God put in my life to use to call me to those two decisions: Billy Teal and Phil Sutton. (As well as my dad who was the one who brought me to the place where I could hear the call. Those men just pushed me over the line.)

Anyway, back to my story. That evening I sat down to feed Elizabeth her baby food. Now, it was a really special night because she looked up at me and brought her two hands together and used sign language to tell me she wanted to more to eat. Now, we had been showing her how to do this, but now she did it, on her own, for the first time. I almost wept, because for the first time in the seven months I have known her, she could tell her daddy exactly what she wanted.

There is a blessed sweetness when children can finally communicate with their parents. I really feel like this day God was bringing me back to the place where I once again realized that God WANTED to have communication with me. Not required, not made me feel guilty so I prayed more, but that He wants to be in touch with me. It was like He was telling me "Keep in touch." wow.

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