Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ministry Guidlines

As the men and I have been examining the future direction and purpose of the church here at Denton, we recognize that moving forward we need guidelines to keep us in check. This is what we spent the majority of Monday night talking about.

We divided those guidelines into two categories: Core Beliefs and Core Values. You might picture these as lines on each side of the ministry road we are traveling. They keep us heading toward the place we want to go. Core Beliefs are theological convictions on which we cannot waver. Core Values are characteristics which are important to us as we do ministry. They are not necessarily Biblical truths, but more values that we need to have to be effective at impacting our culture for Christ.

Here I will share with you some of them we discussed Monday night, and would invite you to share anymore you might think are vital.

Core Beliefs:
1. About Jesus- His divinity, perfection, substitute sacrifice and bodily resurrection provides the only path of salvation for man.
2. About Scripture- The Bible is the inerrant message God has given to men, and is our authority for life and faith.
3. About Salvation- Salvation from sin only comes through Jesus, by His grace, through Faith, at baptism, and results in good works.
4. About God- We believe there is one God, Yahweh God of the Bible, who exists eternally in three distinct persons- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

(BTW- Isn't is great that we have NO disagreement on these core beliefs among our core people?)

Core Values:
1. Excellence- If we are going to do something, it will be done well. No shoot-from-the-hip, half-baked programs. If we are going to do it, let's do it right.
2. Relevance- Everything we preach/teach/do will explicitly show why it matters for today. We will take the burden of relevance.
3. Integrity- Every aspect of our ministry will be 'above-board' and will show a great deal of integrity. From how we handle finances, to the morality of leadership, integrity must be a core value in how we 'do church.'
4. Cooperation- What we do will promote a spirit of togetherness and unity, not the following of a one man show.
5. Commitment- Being committed to the Lord and how this church is accomplishing her mission is another core value.

So, what are your thoughts? What questions does this stir up in you? Anything you would add? Anything you would take away? Feedback, feedback, feedback!

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of Friends,
Billy Johnson

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