Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee Houses

I really love coffee houses. In fact, if I never had to go anywhere else besides home in life, I would be okay with hanging out in coffee houses the rest of my life. Why?

1. I really love Coffee. I mean, I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the jitters after too much! I seriously can feel the warmth and relaxation spread through my body as I take my first drink of the day. I seriously have a man crush on coffee.

2. I really love Coffee Houses. I honestly believe that no one pays more attention to decor and atmosphere than coffee houses. I mean, from the hip, trendy super cool colors and designs at Starbucks to the bamboo-ish natural feel of the coffee house Roseann and I frequented while in college, Coffee Houses love to build an atmosphere. Often it is an atmosphere that reveals a lot about their owners, such as the Firehouse Coffee Cafe here in Denton.

3. I really love talking in Coffee Houses. It seems that Coffee Houses are different from restaurants in the fact that sitting and talking/chatting is expected. Maybe it's the coffee, the atmosphere or something, but people seem to just want to chat and talk in a coffee house.

I guess my question is this: do people have positive experiences like this at church? If they were to write a blog post about the things they love at church, the things that make them want to go back, what would they say?

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