Monday, January 12, 2009

1.11.08 Sermon Blurb

On Sunday, I talked about God's expectations of our life and illustrated His desire this way:

We all have basic expectations. One of my basic expectations was forgotten one weekend when Roseann and I went to a conference together. It was a great weekend. The kids stayed home with Grandma Joan, and Roseann and I went up to Peoria, IL for a conference. While there, I told Roseann I was gonna take her to a swanky restaurant, and the hotel we were staying in just happened to have one. (When I say it was swanky, I mean there were CLOTH table cloths, and we got TWO forks that weren't even plastic!!) So we ordered our food. I don't recall what I ordered, but Roseann got some kind of chicken dish. (More chickens die because of her than anyone else I know.) The food was good until Roseann got a few bites into her chicken. And it was raw! Not just a little pink, it was like almost frozen in the middle! It was gross!

When I go into a restaurant, I have some basic expectations. I want to get what I ordered, and I want it to be cooked! These aren't unreasonable demands, they are the basics. God has taught us since Cain and Able that when we bring an offering to Him, He wants our FIRST and our BEST. These are the basic expectations He has.

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