Monday, December 8, 2008


Yesterday @ our worship & celebration event @ DCC, we sang a cool song I had kinda forgot about called, "Hungry". It was a sweet reminder of Jesus' words about hungering and thirsting after righteousness. (see Matthew 5:6)

Well, it was good to sing, but later in the day I had one of those, "Wow, its real!" moments. You see, we had a cool session of Small Group Leader Training, and I came home. When I walked in the door, two different smells hit me: Some of Roseann's homemade bread, and the pot of chicken & rice soup on the stove! You have experienced what happened next: my mouth watered, my stomach rumbled, and I was sure I hadn't eaten in at least four days. (actually like 4 hours! LOL)

But the next thought knocked my socks off: "Do I really hunger and long after intimacy with God like that?" Do I feel incomplete, a desperate longing when I haven't been with Him that day? To be completely honest with you, often times my personal time with God becomes a chore to complete, not a feast to enjoy. I desperately want to be there. I want to be hungry.

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