Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Stuff

Hey Friends!

Sorry it's been so long! What a week. A week ago I rolled into Maryland. This time, not to visit for a week, but to stick around! Since then I have unloaded and unpacked and shuffled and moved stuff all around this house. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and help. Spar and MB~ The lasagna was, in a word, FANTASTIC! Our plans are to see you all tonight!

So, I have been rolling around some questions (more specific than the big four I shared a while ago) that I want you to think on a little bit.

- Why do we do what we do? From general to specific. (ex- Why do we have a church in Denton and why do we serve a meal on Wednesday nights?)

-What are we doing that we should stop doing?

-What are we not doing that we should begin doing?

- Who (on the shore or not) is doing something we can learn from?

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on these questions.


- I preached at Smyrna and Georgetown Sunday, and I have to tell you, the entire shore seems pumped and excited about what is about to happen at Denton! I hope you all are as excited as I and everyone else am!!!

- My son has adopted a stuffed monkey as his new favorite toy! (what? I did title this randomness!)

-Comcast is supposed to bring me internet this afternoon, so I can stop mooching off my neighbors! (thanks Lisa!!)

-I met some of my neighbors last night.

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